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But in Rockford, retail rent prices have been trending downward for the last few . the fifth-most-expensive rental market in the country, after New York City and San . Nationally, the average vacancy rate for regional shopping malls in the U.S. .

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Apartment Vacancies in US Decline to a Decade Low as Rental Rates
Jan 5, 2012 . U.S. apartment vacancies dropped to a 10-year low in the fourth quarter, . Apartment Vacancies in U.S. Decline to a Decade Low as Rental Rates Climb . more than 500 units in the city that are more than 97 percent leased.

  • 'Renter Nation' a new reality in U.S. –
    Jan 8, 2012 . PHOTOS: Cities where renting is on the rise . The vacancy rate dropped to 5.2% , the lowest since 2001 and lower than the last cyclical drop in .

    Rental housing markets - The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    Jul 10, 2012 . Cities across the district are playing the vacancy version of the limbo, . In Sioux Falls, S.D., rental vacancy rates fell from 11 percent in 2010 to 4.6 . by the housing market collapse on the American Dream of homeownership.

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    Rental Report | Vacancy Rate | Studio Apartments
    Jul 12, 2012 . In June, the vacancy rate increased to 1.01 percent, according to a similar report from Citi Habitats released today. . said Gary Malin, president of Citi Habitats, suggesting the start of a plateau in rental rates. . Follow us on: .

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    Falling Rental Vacancies
    Oct 28, 2011 . The dynamics of falling rental vacancy rates mean increased landlord . units at mid-to-large cities in the U.S. fell to a 5.5 percent vacancy rate.

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Meanwhile, falling vacancy rates and an undersupply of rental units, most . The U.S.Census Bureau reports that the city's home-ownership rate from 2006 to .

America's Emptiest Cities -
Mar 2, 2011 . To construct our list, we ranked cities over all four quarters of last year by single- family and rental vacancy rates, then averaged the ranks to .

Manhattan Rental Vacancy Hits 3-Yr High As Rentals Climb To Record
Sep 13, 2012 . Citi Habitats, the city's largest rental brokerage, said Manhattan's residential . The residential vacancy rate in Manhattan rose to a three-year high in August as . Three key U.S. housing reports to be released Wednesday are .

Manhattan Rental Vacancy Rate is Unusually High for Summer ...
Aug 9, 2012 . Manhattan Rental Vacancy Rate is Unusually High for Summer . The latest Citi Habitats report, released at midnight, places that vacancy rate at 1.2 percent for July, up from 0.86 percent at the same time . Advertise with us .

America's Emptiest Cities - Forbes
Mar 30, 2012 . There are signs of an improving economy in lower vacancy rates. . At the beginning of 2011, almost 15 percent of the city's rental units were vacant. . To construct our list of America's Emptiest Cities, we used U.S. census .

Toledo ranked 10th on emptiest cities list : News :
Jul 24, 2012 . The group released its first quarter of 2012 rental and homeowner property vacancy rates of 75 U.S. cities. It found Toledo with the highest rate .

America's 10 sickest housing markets - Business - US business ...
Aug 5, 2011 . Kansas City's rental vacancy rate of 11 percent is the 22nd highest of . place in the U.S. The city has a particularly bad unemployment rate of .

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rental vacancy rates (commercial, website) - Apartments, houses ...
Aug 27, 2007 . hi all where can i find rental vacancy rates for a particular city or a . Detailed information about all U.S. cities, counties, and zip codes on our .

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Investment Properties in Vermont - Home Buying Tips ...
The U.S. rental vacancy rate – the percentage of all rentals that are unoccupied . The city's population expanded 9% during the past decade, a time when many .

Housing Topics - People and Households - U.S. Census Bureau
Demographic data and reports from the U.S. Census Bureau. . Decennial Census · Housing Vacancy and Homeownership Survey (CPS/HVS) · New York City .

U.S. apartment vacancy rate falls to decade low | Reuters
Apr 4, 2012 . NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. apartment vacancy rate in the first . rent growth next year, especially in cities such as Salt Lake City and .

10 Cities Where The Rental Markets Are Rebounding - Forbes
Mar 16, 2011 . The online rental site also provided us with a list of the U.S. cities with the lowest rental vacancy rates, determined using January 2011 data .

Baltimore-area retail vacancy rates, rents drop in second quarter ...
Jul 13, 2012 . The bad news for landlords, though, is the average rent prices also decreased . MacKenzie reported the city's vacancy rate at 5.64 percent. . used, except with the prior written permission of American City Business Journals.

WIFI Research Brief: Vacancy rates fall - HomeUnion Services
Aug 4, 2012 . The US Census Bureau released housing vacancy data last week. . The rental vacancy rate has fallen to 8.6% in the second quarter, the lowest . Indianapolis ranked # 1 in the Most Affordable Cities list reported by CNN .


Homeowership and Rental Vacancy Rates by State - Census Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012. Table 986. Homeownership . Rental vacancy rate. State. Home owner vacancy rate. Rental vacancy rate. State. Home owner . 6.3 Oklahoma City, OK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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vacancy rate - Census Bureau
Jan 31, 2011 . Rental and Homeowner Vacancy Rates for the United States: 1996 to 2010 (in . The rental vacancy rates in principal cities, in the suburbs, and .

NYC: Vacancy Rates Rise, But Rents Soar | Edge Blog | Elegran ...
Jul 13, 2012 . The Manhattan Rental Report published by New York City brokerage . Interestingly enough, the increase in vacancy rates has been attributed .

America's 10 Sickest Housing Markets: 24/7 Wall St.
Aug 3, 2011 . Further, vacancy rates of many cities were stable during the . data on the 75 largest U.S. metropolitan areas and ranked the cities with the highest overall vacancy rates for both homeowner vacancy and rental vacancy for the .

NAR Reports Vacancy Rates Improving in U.S. Commercial Markets ...
NAR Reports Vacancy Rates Improving in U.S. Commercial Markets, Rents Firming Up. Michael Gerrity. Posted by Michael Gerrity 02/24/12 10:00 AM EST .

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10 Cities Where Homes Cost Less Than A Car: 24/7 Wall St.
Jul 20, 2012 . The city has one of the highest rental vacancy rates in America and boasts a . as well as Q1 2012 vacancy rates from the U.S. Census Bureau, .

highest rental vacancy rates
The average U.S. vacancy rate of 4.7 percent was the lowest since the fourth . . Find the Highest Rental Vacancy Rates by city as well as related social science .

Record-low vacancy rates create competitive rental market | The ...
2 days ago . Historically-low vacancy rates are creating a shortage of units, long waiting lists and . The good news: City bus ridership is on the rise. . “You have to get back to us quickly because things are going so fast,” Madsen said.

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Manhattan Apartment Vacancies Climb as Rents Reach Record ...
Sep 13, 2012 . Manhattan's apartment vacancy rate rose in August to its highest level for the . climb each month, Gary Malin, president of Citi Habitats, said in an interview. . Libya Premier Says Pursuing Suspects in U.S. Consulate Attack .

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U.S. Census Bureau News
Jul 29, 2011 . U.S. Department of Commerce • Washington D.C. 20233 . The rental vacancy rates in principal cities and in the suburbs were lower than a .

Best 2012 Cities For Renters! - Best Cities to Move to If You're Renting
Where to rent and live in U.S. Move to these best cities for renting. . 3) Next, they look at vacancy rates; the higher the vacancy rate, the likelier that the high .

U.S. Census Bureau News
Jan 31, 2012 . U.S. Department of Commerce • Washington D.C. 20233 . The rental vacancy rates in the suburbs, principal cities, and outside MSA's were not .

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Housing Vacancies and Homeownership (CPS/HVS) - Census Bureau
Rental and homeowner vacancy rates and homeownership rates are available for the U.S., regions, States, and for the 75 largest Metropolitan Areas. National .

Cities with the Highest Homeowner Vacancy Rates
Data and statistics on Homeowner Vacancy Rates. Find the Highest Homeowner Vacancy Rates by city as well as related social science information.

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America's Emptiest Cities -
Feb 12, 2009 . Vacancy rates in these spots spell lots of empty neighborhoods. . Detroit, once the fulcrum of American industry, sagged and rusted under its own weight. . measures--the Motor City sports vacancy rates of 19.9% for rentals .

should vary inversely with the vacancy rate within a critical zone of occupancy. . Rent, vacancy, and operating expense data for four U. S. cities and four types of .

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Rental Vacancy Rate for California (CARVAC) - FRED - St. Louis Fed
Apr 6, 2012. Annual, 1986 to 2011, NSA, FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data . Tags: vacancy, rent, ca, rate, census, state, annual, usa, nsa.

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Vinyl And Plastic Seat Covers

U.S. home vacancy rate falls as demand for housing ... - The City Wire
Submitted by The City Wire Staff on Fri, 07/27/2012 - 11:49am. story from Bloomberg News. The U.S. home-vacancy rate, a measure of properties empty and for .


Shopping Center vacancy rates, rents improving - Phoenix Business ...
Jul 6, 2012 . Reuters is reporting that shopping center vacancy rates and rents throughout the. .. . Search. Choose a city . Reuters is reporting that shopping center vacancy rates and rents throughout the U.S. are improving for the second .

10 cities with the steepest rent hikes - MSN Real Estate
Lower rental inventory means higher prices in these 10 areas. . There's no city in the US that's got the rental shortage or hike in rental prices that this city does! . Annual rent increase: 11.2%; Average monthly rent: $669; Vacancy rate: 7.7% .

Walkable Neighborhoods have Higher Housing Vacancy Rates - Cubit
Jun 20, 2011 . How to Cite Census Data, including American Community Survey Data . The interesting question would be whether rental vacancy rates in .


Anna Mills | Toledo Newspaper
Jul 27, 2012 . Toledo's 11.5 percent rental vacancy rate and 3.8 percent . AOL Real Estate has just ranked Toledo the 10th emptiest city in the United States.

Vacancy Rates Continued to Dip in the Second Quarter - Housing ...
Jul 27, 2012 . Rental units account for just under 30% of all housing, and the vacancy rate for rental housing in the second quarter stood at 8.6%, compared to . :: Article : Residential Vacancies Up ...
National vacancy rates in the first quarter 2011 were 9.7 percent for rental housing and 2.6 percent for homeowner housing. . The rental vacancy rate in principal cities was lower than a year ago, while rates . Courtesy of US Census Bureau .

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